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During Friday's meeting of the GOP's State Primary Board, according to Golden's email, the challenger or his or her representative will have five minutes to present. Further, we have witnessed the diminished value of Americanism, leadership, and college and/or career readiness.. It was incredibly hurtful to see those colleagues come in to vote today and defiantly put their thumbs down, as if they were not birthed by women and dont have women in their own families or daughters that they are raising.. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. The original U.S. District Court judge assigned to Starbucks lawsuit was William L. Campbell Jr. Judge Campbell had to recuse himself because his mother is Tennessee Republican Party executive committee member Beth Campbell. This is meant to be a ban, plain and simple, and nearly 65 million Americans could be robbed of this safe, effective abortion care option. May 26, 2022 at 10:22 p.m. The election was later overturned by Tennessee Democratic Party State Executive Committee members. Unless you notify me by 5 pm Central Time on Tuesday, April 26, 2022, that the State will not remove Mr. Starbucks name from the ballot for the federal primary election for the 5th Congressional District as directed by the Tennessee Republican Party, Mr. Starbuck will have no choice but to file suit against the state and name you as the responsible official. State Executive Committee members, acting as the State Primary Board, will have 10 minutes to ask questions. The final decision concerning said individuals bona fide Republican status shall be determined by a majority vote of the following: the State Chairman and each SEC member who represents any portion of the district covered by said individuals proposed candidacy. The meeting will also feature and open mic for interested Republicans to express their views on public policy. At the same time, he takes up the Democrats mantle for Medicaid expansion, potentially using more than $1 billion offered annually by the federal government to cover some 300,000 uninsured Tennesseans. Nikki Fried, who serves as the chair of the state Democratic Party, and state Sen. Lauren Book were both taken into custody by Tallahassee police and charged with misdemeanor trespassing after a warning. Starbuck hasnt lived in Tennessee long enough to have voted in three of the last four statewide primaries, which is one of the qualifications in the Tennessee Republican Party bylaws to get on the ballot. Foreman gave her campaign $132,600 in self-endorsed loans but has raised only $33,310 and spent $128,471, with a balance of $37,794 at the end of the last reporting period. All Rights Reserved. Just days ago, a new lawsuit backing the FDAs approval was filed and undoubtedly more lawsuits will be coming. Our State Senate. Republican Party Platform. They asked me for comment on it, and one of the things from it that I thought was interesting is like one of the people in the Davidson GOP said to one of the SEC members, Look, Im not going to lie: Robby has done more for the Republican Party than I ever have, and probably more than any of you have.'. The Jefferson County Republican Party will be hosting a Town Hall Meeting on May 23rd featuring guest speakers Attorney Andy Fox of Tennessee Firearms Association, Erica Moore Conservative member of the Blount County School Board and State Senator Frank Niceley (District 8). He assumed office in 2014. The party's State Executive Committee then chose Robin Smith,[3] former chairman of the Hamilton County Republican Party and vice chairman of the Tennessee GOP under Davis, to complete Davis's two-year term. The TNGOP promotes Republican ideals, values, and elected officials across Tennessee and helps Repub One man and one woman are elected from each state senate district. Wamp won a 318-vote victory over Smedley in the three-person GOP primary. Lawmakers said they intended to pass the latest bill as a message to the states high court signaling that the people of North Dakota want to restrict abortion. An email message containing instructions on how to reset your password has been sent to the e-mail address listed on your account. Foreman has retweeted an article about Tennessees latest Medicaid waiver, a hybrid block grant that enables the state to use leftover funds to offer more services to TennCare enrollees, a policy most Democrats oppose. Nikki Fried, who serves as the chair of the state Democratic Party, and state Sen. Lauren Book were both taken into custody by Tallahassee police and charged with misdemeanor trespassing after a warning. + In Florida, two Democratic leaders were arrested while protesting a proposed six-week abortion ban. The current chairman of the Republican Party of Tennessee is Scott Golden. Expert guides to our dining scene, like the best BBQ and hot chicken, plus reviews of the Top 25 restaurants in Nashville. The Biden administration said that the resolution undermines patient safety and invites political interference into deeply personal decisions and threatened to veto the measure if it passed the full Congress. "The Wamps know the truth, but they're obviously still in campaign mode," she said. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) In a move Tuesday night, members of the Tennessee GOP Executive Committee voted to take three candidates off the ballot for the Congressional District 5 seat. As RedStates Jennifer Van Laar exclusively reported last week, Starbucks attorney, Harmeet Dhillon, issued an evidence preservation notice to 17 members of the Tennessee GOPs State Executive Committee (SEC) in preparation for potential litigation. Its just ludicrous. So much for the Big Tent party. Laura Kellys (D) third veto in three years of a bill to ban transgender athletes and came one day after Kansas lawmakers passed a broad bathroom bill. They went from a group of 16 people to over 100 who are active now at everything, and the [Young Republican chair] is like, weve never had anything like that. "Democrats rarely do it. The North Dakota law is designed to take effect immediately, but last month the state Supreme Court ruled a previous ban is to remain blocked while a lawsuit over its constitutionality proceeds. But the good ole boy antics do not stop there. The opinion of the select few who voted to remove Starbuck were leaked as well, and it appears their thoughts do not match up with the opinions of those in the statewide Republican body. Taliban barred women from working with the UN in Afghanistan. Our team is evaluating the options before us.". Abbott About 'Dangerous' Illegals, Amid Banking Crisis, Federal Reserve Debates Pausing Rate Hikes, Feds Seize First Republic Bank in Second Biggest Bank Failure in U.S. History, JPMorgan to Assume Control, Moore to the Point - No News Is Good News, Chaos on LA's Metro Highlighted as Man Bites off Part of LAPD Officer's Finger. Rice of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washingtonissued an injunctionblocking the FDA from altering the status quo and rights as it relates to the availability of mifepristone.. The Tennessee Republican Party (TRP or TNGOP) is the affiliate of the United States Republican Party in Tennessee. GOP chairman Scott Golden confirmed to NewsChannel 5 that members voted to remove Morgan Ortagus, Robby Starbuck and Baxter Lee. 53 were here. Contact Editor Holly McCall for questions: info@tennesseelookout.com. He provided his California voter history to four county party chairs prior to the April 19 vote, he said, to prove that he regularly voted in California in both primaries and general elections. The Aug. 4 state and federal primaries include races for governor, the state General Assembly and he U.S. House of Representatives. Winds WSW at 15 to 25 mph.. Hemmer opposes the governors education savings account program, arguing that it takes vital funding away from public schools. So, its the same office, different standards for him.. People are very worried about the economy, public safety and education. "The proactive promotion of this endorsement by her campaign can only be interpreted as an attempt to lure Democratic voters to vote for her in the Republican primary. Dining reporters Mackensey Lunsford and Brad Schmitt are always eating well and making sure we do too. Vote today! Smedley was joined in her filing to the state's 66-member State Executive Committee by Matt Hullander, who finished third in the GOP's mayoral primary. The new District 5 takes shape with six counties: south Davidson, east Williamson, west Wilson, pieces of Lewis, parts of Maury and a slice of Marshall County. Award-winning sports coverage with reporter Gentry Estes, who makes sense of every move and the strategy behind them, and always puts the wins and losses in context. Mifepristone is one of two medications typically used in medication abortion careaccounting for more than half of all abortion care nationwide and has been safely used for over 20 years. But even though it passed overwhelmingly in the committee, it didnt go far in the Legislature. The Primary Election is on August 4, 2022 Early Voting Begins NASHVILLE, Tenn. The Tennessee Democratic Party said that on Saturday, their executive committee passed a resolution that demands the resignation of House Speaker Cameron Sexton (R - Crossville). One such position is the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committeeman for District 2, which encompasses the county where . Give Light and the People Will Find Their Own Way, Donate to the Salvation Army Red Kettle Challenge, after the Tennessee legislature redrew the lines. Tennessee Lookout maintains editorial independence. While Ortagus and Lee made some protestations, they chose to accept the committees decision. Wednesday, April 5 Transparency. Like other Southern states, before 1960s Tennessee was a solid state of the Democratic Party. You can read more about Jennifer's world at her, SCOTUS Grants Review of Case That Will Gut the Federal Bureaucracy, Straight White Male Republican Identifies as Lesbian of Color, His Family Receives 'Violent Threats', Fox's Bill Melugin Delivers Blow to the Leftist Narrative About Texas Shooter, AOC Bends the Knee to Her Democratic Party Overlords on a Senate Run, Vivek Ramaswamy Debated Gender With Chuck Todd, and It Was Absolutely Bonkers, Info Behind Gen Z Political Influencers Like Harry Sisson Suggests DNC Is Up to Something Incredibly Sinister, Outgoing Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Waxes Hypocritical at Texas Gov. The race to fill the new 59th District House seat in southern Davidson County pits self-styled moderate Democrat Caleb Hemmer against ultra-conservative Republican Michelle Foreman. This is theWar on Women Report. They asked as teachers to vote for me.". In an exclusive statement, Starbuck told RedState: This entire process has been an embarrassment to our party. John Stanbery. I think theres a large disconnect from what their time and energys focused on versus what people care about, Hemmer said in an interview at his Forest Hills home. District three includes Carter, Johnson, and Washington counties. has become increasingly Republican. Along with the lawsuit, Starbuck appealed their decision and petitions were made to the executive committee asking the reasons behind their vote to remove. 25 Apr 2023 17:12:00 That includes information such as the names, street addresses and phone numbers of Republicans who live inside the precincts where they are seeking office. Follow Tennessee Lookout on Facebook and Twitter. Prior to December 21, 2023, each party executive committee must meet to make appropriate decisions regarding delegates and at-large delegates. Copyright 2023 RedState.com/Salem Media. And while Foreman fought to derail the Metro Councils decisions, Hemmer claims he has experience crafting legislation during his years with the Bredesen Administration, including founding the Memphis Regional Megasite where Ford Motors Blue Oval City is being constructed, then serving on the Metro Fair Board to rebuild the Nashville Fairgrounds, which includes construction of the new professional soccer stadium. In response, Speaker Williams then chose "Carter County Republican" as his new party designation . Due to Republican opposition, S.J. + Wyomings Wellspring Health Access has opened its doors to patients, becoming the states only surgical abortion provider and second abortion provider. In its filing with the state GOP, the Wamp campaign says Smedley's campaign actively wooed Democrats to cross over and vote in the GOP primary. "Overwhelming evidence reveals that Smedley and her supporters successfully courted Democratic voters, directly undermining the claims made in her appeal that Democrats crossed over to vote for Wamp," states a copy of Wamp's filing with the GOP, provided to the Chattanooga Times Free Press by an executive committee member. But day after day, we stay vigilant in our goals to dismantle patriarchy at every turn. Robby Starbuck is the only candidate who has chosen to fight back. Amy is interested in environmental and economic development issues. As it stands now, the map carves Davidson County's current District 5 into three different districts. As I have said all along, I believe that voters in Middle Tennessee should pick their representative not establishment party insiders. WATCH: Biden's Latest Alzheimer's Moment Is Actually Very Sad, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, EXCLUSIVE: Robby Starbuck Campaign Issues Evidence Preservation Notices to 17 TN GOP Executive Board Members After Being Taken Off Ballot. The seat held by now retiring Democrat Jim Cooper has caused a stir in political circles after the Tennessee legislature redrew the lines for the district, which includes a portion of Nashville. + The Biden administration has proposed new stronger privacy protections to ensure womens private information would be protected from being investigated to determine whether they might have received abortion care from another state. The bill was passed by the Florida Senate with a vote of 26 to 13. You have permission to edit this article. Submitting this form below will send a message to your email with a link to change your password. Howell ( Republican Party) ran for re-election to the Tennessee House of Representatives to represent District 22. Then, the executive committee members, acting as the State Primary Board, will vote. Starbuck agrees. And then the County party said the same thing: they never had as many volunteers or donors as they have now. There are often people on the Republican ballot who never participate in any party events, she said. SCOTUS Grants Review of Case That Will Gut the Federal Bureaucracy, Straight White Male Republican Identifies as Lesbian of Color, His Family Receives 'Violent Threats', Fox's Bill Melugin Delivers Blow to the Leftist Narrative About Texas Shooter, AOC Bends the Knee to Her Democratic Party Overlords on a Senate Run, Vivek Ramaswamy Debated Gender With Chuck Todd, and It Was Absolutely Bonkers, Info Behind Gen Z Political Influencers Like Harry Sisson Suggests DNC Is Up to Something Incredibly Sinister, Outgoing Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Waxes Hypocritical at Texas Gov. The education savings account program applies only to Metro Nashville Public Schools and Shelby County Schools, in part because those two districts have the largest number of priority schools in the state. Music city coverage and what it means for Nashvillians (transplants and unicorns alike). Other fees for Republican candidates are: $100 for countywide offices, such as county mayor, sheriff or Sessions Court judge. + The U.S. Senate voted down an attempt to deny veterans abortion care in cases of rape, incest or to protect the health and life of the pregnant person. WATCH: Biden's Latest Alzheimer's Moment Is Actually Very Sad, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information, TN GOP Removed Him From the Ballot, but Congressional Candidate Robby Starbuck Refuses to Back Down. However, the bylaws provide for candidates who cannot meet that requirement to prove their bona fide status by providing vouching letters from local party officials or officials of affiliated organizations, such as Young Republicans or Republican Women Federated. Start your subscription for just $10 for 2 months Subscribe. The measure, introduced by House Budget Committee Chairman . On the record with Metro Nashville Public Schools board, In Tennessee's first partisan school board elections,. While much shorter, Starbuck posted a video with one word: war. To prevent Democrats from running as Republicans, Tennessee GOP bylaws allow any two Republicans to challenge a Republican candidate to prove that theyre a Republican. Division of Elections 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue William R. Snodgrass Tower, 7th Floor Nashville, Tennessee 37243 Primary candidates must also file a certified duplicate by the qualifying deadline with the chairperson of their party's state executive committee [2]. The Republican-controlled Kansas legislature overruled Gov. Even though the state was predominantly Democratic, two different presidential elections won the state of Tennessee in 1920 and 1928. Starbuck has lived in Tennessee for the required amount of time, but the Secretary of State has ruled that since the bill was signed into law after the April 7 qualifying date it doesnt apply in this election. To bolster the local district, Hemmer would like to see a governors school or a year-round magnet school. The Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee, still stinging over the unanticipated election defeat of Rep. Jason Mumpower as the next Speaker of the House, voted to eject Williams as a bona fide member of the Tennessee Republican Party. At the Center for Reproductive Rights, we will continue to pursue every legal avenue to ensure this unfounded legal attack does not succeed.. No Democrats supported the proposed legislation, and it is unlikely to pass in the Democratic-controlled Senate. + North Dakota Gov. Click to view. At the top, a candidate for governor will have to pay $5,000 to be placed on the GOP ballot. Its just lip service, he says. Tennessee Lookout is part of States Newsroom, a network of news bureaus supported by grants and a coalition of donors as a 501c(3) public charity. Tennessee Saw The Fifth-Largest Influx Of Taxpayers In 2020 As The Covid-19 Pandemic Began, According To New Data Released By , An Investigation By The Tennessee Comptrollers Office Has Revealed A Series Of Problems Related To The Coffee County Drug Court , The Jefferson County Republican Party Will Be Hosting A Town Hall Meeting On May 23rd Featuring Guest Speakers Attorney Andy , Grassroots Organization Moms For Liberty Williamson County Presents Capstone 101, On Monday, May 8th, At 6:00 Pm, At Generations , 1) Student Network Training Kids As Young As 13 On How To Protest 2) TN Senate Rejects Conservative Lawmakers School . GOP candidates in Tennessee to be charged a filing fee, Subscriber Verification(Must be Logged In Using Free Account). 248, "GOP chair won't say whether Rove ordered media ban", "GOP elects Devaney state party chairman", Tennessee Federation of College Republicans, National Republican Congressional Committee, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Tennessee_Republican_Party&oldid=1150525653, Republican Party (United States) by state, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Tennessee, This page was last edited on 18 April 2023, at 17:36. "The Greenville Co. Republican party, which is supposed . Its extremist, divisive rhetoric and policies versus things people care about. Doug Burgum (R) signed one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the countrybanning the procedure throughout pregnancy, with slim exceptions up to six weeks. I think thats a good example. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Copyright 2023 RedState.com/Salem Media. This commitment to seasoned fossils who have come up through the party ranks while doing nothing to further republicanism outside of their bubble seem to be just fine with them. It was very demoralizing to learn that there were colleagues who did not even deem this issue worthy of debate, said Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) As the Tennessean reported: The Tennessee Republican Party on Tuesday voted to remove three congressional hopefuls from the primary ballot in the new-look 5th Congressional District, including a Trump-backed candidate whose campaign riled some political insiders in the state. This document may not be reprinted without the express written permission of Chattanooga Times Free Press, Inc. Material from the Associated Press is Copyright 2023, Associated Press and may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. While Golden didn't comment as to why the candidates were removed, Tennessee law gives the discretion to the committee to validate candidates through a definition of "bona fide" Republicans. Apparently so. | Updated May 27, 2022 at 1:16 a.m. NASHVILLE - Republican mayoral nominee Weston Wamp, who won Hamilton County's May 3 GOP primary, will defend his victory to Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee members on Friday. "We'll make our best case to the Republican Executive Committee, which is the proper process, and we'll abide by the committee's decision. The ball is now in the Tennessee Republican Partys court. The Johnson City party leader said Republican officials in 32 states already levy similar fees. Four of our county party chairs, two vice chairs, one 2nd vice chair, the Nashville Republicans chair and five CEC members vouched for me, along with national endorsements from Senator Rand Paul, Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk, Rep. Thomas Massie, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Rep. Madison Cawthorn and others. The Tennessee Republican Party (TRP or TNGOP) . This ban is the first of what could be several new Kansas laws restricting trans rights. I think he may look at something like this and see very clearly they didnt abide by the procedures and the rules here, because they were also supposed to notify mewith a two-day period by certified mail that I had two days to appeal after the vote, and they didnt do that. + Trump-appointed Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruled against the FDA to block its approval of mifepristoneincluding in states where the right to abortion is protected. And theyre like, youre just, you know, putting all that in jeopardy because of whatever it is you guys decided in that secret meeting and then you want to keep them off the ballot?. Smedley also texted the Times Free Press. Res. Dan Howell ( Republican Party) is a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing District 22. [8][9], In 2008 the Republican won a historic victory, when the party won majorities in both houses of the Tennessee General Assembly for the first time since the reconstruction era election of 1868.[14]. If you would like to attend your County Party Reorganization meeting, please register below. Slight chance of a rain shower. In total, 14 candidates filled out paperwork to appear on the Republican primary ballot. Mannis defeated challenger Gina Oster by 99 votes in that August's party primary, but she filed a challenge with the Tennessee Republican Party's State Executive Committee, saying. Called the "Limit, Save, Grow Act," the 320-page proposal would lift the debt limit by $1.5 trillion or until the end of March 2024. The drugone of two used for medication abortionwill remain available for now while a Texas ruling on its distribution is appealed. But I appealed anyway, and they never responded to the appeal. The bill was passed by the Florida Senate with a vote of 26 to 13. All interested republicans are welcome to attend and to address issues at the open mic after the keynote speakers have concluded their remarks. If there was ever any doubt that GOP extremists want anything other than a ban on all abortion, everywhere, todays ruling should make it clear that they have no intention of respecting our freedoms., + Less than an hour later, Judge Thomas O. He has also donated to two county Republican parties and the state party and organized a rally to support GOP candidates in 2020 for the Williamson County Republican Party. She is a committeewoman on the State Executive Committee for the Tennessee Republican Party, chair of the Women's Ministry Banquet at Main Street Baptist, and president of two groups in the Order of the Eastern Star. The SEC, sadly, wasnt courageous enough to put their names on their votes. TN Gained 62,000 Taxpayers, $4.1B in Personal Income AGI In 2020, Major Mismanagement Found Within Coffee County Drug Court Foundation, Jefferson County GOP Town Hall Meeting Features Open Mic To Address Public Policy Issues, Moms For Liberty Williamson County To Host Pete Hegseth And Michael Knowles At CAPSTONE 101 May 8th. The State Executive Committee is the policy-making body of the Tennessee Republican Party that oversees the candidates on the Republican ballot and works with the local county Republican parties. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. SEC members have turned their phones off because of phone calls, which is kind of funny., This is just angry people looking up the SEC numbers. This content is only available to subscribers. The Meeting Will Also Feature And Open Mic For Interested Republicans To Express Their Views On Public Policy. Starbuck read me a text response from one executive committee member that suggested their vote to leave him off the ballot was based on a nonexistent residency requirement: I voted because of the new state residency law. Jennifer Oliver O'Connell (As the Girl Turns) is a contributor at Redstate and other publications. In Smedley attorney Catherine White's filing with the GOP's executive committee, White cites what she says were failures by the Hamilton County Election Commission and the local Republican Party to police the election properly. With all thats at stake for equality, we are redoubling our commitment for the next 50 years. results were certified by the Hamilton County Election Commission on May 13. filing with the GOP's executive committee, White cites what she says were failures by the Hamilton County Election Commission and the local Republican Party. Here is what future Republican candidate will have to cough up when they file their papers: Governor: $5,000. All Rights Reserved. But in 1835, there was a turn in power of party and a Whig governor was elected. Mark Pulliam, a Blount County resident whose August 2022 write-in election to the Tennessee Republican Party State Executive Committee, District 2, was nullified by the SEC despite being certified by the Tennessee Secretary of State (as reported by the Tennessee Conservative News on September 8, 2022 with the headline "GOP Leadership GOP. Driven by the conviction that election integrity matters, Charlene desires to make . By Allan Smith. We are watching, and we refuse to go back. But we shouldnt even be here. Still, SEC member McClanahan has reportedly told people that she considered Robbys residency in voting whether hes a bona fide Republican or not. We are delighted to finally be able to provide high-quality reproductive health care, including abortion care, in the state of Wyoming, said Julie Burkhart, president of Wellspring Health Access. Federal appellate judges rejected Kurita's claims the party couldn't do that. Now, Starbuck and Ortagus are fighting back, and Starbuck's campaign has sent a pre-litigation demand letter to the State of Tennessee . Without any prompting from Starbuck, his supporters took it upon themselves to call the members of the Tennessee Republican Party executive committee to make their displeasure known. Town hall meetings were initiated three years ago to address state and local public policy issues and proposed legislation. The convention followed the April 15 resignation of members of WCRP's Contest and Credentials Committee, who in an email cited "a record of fraud, misconduct and corrupt self-dealing by Tennessee Republican Party leadership and State Executive Committee officials Cyndi Miller and Steve Allbrooks," adding, "we cannot, in good conscience, offer our acquiescence to a rigged and deceptive . The executive committee of the Tennessee Republican Party has voted to impose fees on candidates seeking to run in GOP primaries. Copyright 2023, Chattanooga Times Free Press, Inc. Democrats were incensed over Kurita's actions in 2007, when she crossed party lines to help elect Republican Ron Ramsey as the first Tennessee Republican Senate speaker in 140 years. He was subsequently elected to a second two-year term, 2007 and 2008, but resigned from the chairmanship in August 2007 to become Senior Adviser to presidential candidate Fred Thompson. 2-13-318, the legislators expressly intend for the selection of delegates in Tennessee to be governed by the respective national or state party rules. Our stories may be republished online or in print under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. In contrast, Foreman, who did not respond to phone calls requesting an interview for this article, is a strong advocate for school choice.. She joins The Inland Empire Answeron Salem Radio Network's AM 590 The Answer every Thursday for "Spill The Tea Thursday." The Tennessee Republican Party on Tuesday voted to remove three congressional hopefuls from the primary ballot in the new-look 5th Congressional District, including a Trump-backed candidate whose campaign riled some political insiders in the state. Jennifer writes on Politics and Pop Culture, with occasional detours into Reinvention, Yoga, and Food. State Executive Committee. It is currently the dominant party in the state, controlling the majority of Tennessee's U.S. House seats, both U.S. Senate seats, both houses of the state legislature, and the governorship. District 2 [email protected] Cindy Hatcher. "The claims brought by Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander have no merit and, quite frankly, some of their allegations don't even make sense. UN condemns and reviews its presence in Afghanistan. rica video performance assessment, is february 28 a rare birthday,

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